Who We Are

It was chocolate that made the Europeans enslave the Mesoamericans, and it was a burnt chocolate cake that made Mrs. Manju Hemrajani start on a journey which has since, managed to enslave many a connoisseurs to her divine Cocoa treats and heavenly Cakes. And why shouldn’t they, in her pursuit to get that just perfect taste and delightful aroma, which can “tease” any taste bud into submission, she has given her decades and travelled far and wide, including a longish trip to the famed Wilton School of Culinary Arts and French Pastry School in America. It all has culminated into an establishment that we all know today as Cocoatease!

With a common interest of delivering high quality deliciousness Mrs.Hemrajani joined hands with the young and talented Chef. Mohit Khilnani. A complete sweet junkie, with a professional background in Hospitality from one of Asia’s leading hotel schools and after numerous internships, Mohit started his Corporate career with the Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces. He further gained experience in French high-fashion at Hermès, before realizing his true calling in baking and pastry arts. He quickly switched gears and added to his past merits, a diploma from the critically acclaimed Le Cordon Bleu in London. He believes that it is his Hospitality background, aesthetic sensibility and a keen eye for perfection along with Manju’s experience and passion that help them cater to the ever changing needs and demands of foodies today.

The duo has taken their passion for pastry arts to a commercial level, making Cocoatease! the most sought after name for English Toffees, Chocolate Cake renditions and the numerous theme based cakes customized to the likes of their clients for their various occasions. The clientele which includes corporates from various sectors like Banking, Hotels, Automobiles, Cafes, Jewelry, Clothing & many more besides their loving loyalists is only a proof of the obvious.

Chef. Manju Hemrajani


Chef. Mohit Khilnani